International Mini-Workshop : Theoretical Foundations and Applications of Quantum Control

July 11th, 2008 Tokyo Institute of Technology Oh-okayama Campus


Room 410, First Meeting Room, 4th Floor, Main Building, Oh-okayama Campus, Tokyo Institute of Technology
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(Access to First Meeting Room) As soon as entering from the main entrance of Main Build., please go up the stairs by 4th floor. This room is located under the clock tower of Main Building.


Quantum Control (QC) is a hot topic since we can now experimentally control quantum systems, e.g. an atom, molecule, superconducting qubits. This mini-workshop will bring together researchers in QC to discuss the principles and applications of the field from the theoretical side. While this mini-workshop is focused on the theoretical side, we also welcome experimentalists. We take advantage of the special opportunity of stay of Professor Seth Lloyd of M.I.T. at Tokyo Tech., who is a renowned researcher of this field. The organizers strongly encourage young researchers to actively join us to this mini-workshop.

Programme (July 8th. version)

Invited Speakers

Seth Lloyd (MIT/Tokyo Tech), Tatsuhiko Koike (Keio), Takahiro Sagawa (Tokyo), Naoki Yamamoto (Keio), Sei Suzuki (Aoyama Gakuin)


When you take part in this mini-workshop, please register the above form. While the speakers of this mini-workshop are theoreticians, we also welcome experimentalists and interested reaserchers about QC.

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Organized and Supported by Interactive Research Center of Science, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Akio Hosoya and Yutaka Shikano (Tokyo Tech)

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