International Workshop : Physics of information, information in physics, and the demon

27th-29th June, 2012 Institute for Molecular Science


The workshop venue is changed!!
Institute for Molecular Science, Myodaiji Area, Research Facilities 2F Meeting Room 201
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Maxwell's demon is still alive. Even though Landauer and Bennett allegedly exorcised him, we are witnessing his vigorous activity in the recent literature in thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, quantum information, and information science. Moreover, the progress in experimental techniques now allows us to see him in the lab. We are now more able than ever to gossip about his whereabouts and activities in nature. It should be the right timing to provide researchers in relevant communities with an opportunity to share their ideas. The main interests of this workshop will include but not limited to We hope we shall see the diverse faces of the demon and his physics.

Program (26th June Version)

Invited Speakers

Paul Skrzypczyk (University of Cambridge, UK) "Virtual qubits and virtual temperatures"
Oscar Dahlsten (National University of Singapore, Singapore) "Single shot statistical mechanics"
Karoline Wiesner (University of Bristol, UK) "Complexity measures and information theory" (tutorial) "Simplicity and (quantum) complexity"
Tadashi Takayanagi (Kyoto University, Japan) " Introduction to Gravitational Holography" (tutorial) "Geometric Calculations of Entanglement Entropy via Holography"
Mikito Toda (Nara Women University, Japan) "Collective vs individual motions of biomolecules"
Biman Bagchi (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India) "Entropy in complex systems" (lecture talk)

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Yutaka Shikano (Institute of Molecular Science, Japan)
Koji Maruyama (Osaka City University, Japan, Chair)

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Yutaka Shikano
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